It’s Our Mission!

Locally owned and Veteran founded, Next-Door K9 Solutions was founded on 3 basic principles. Following these steps with your dog can be ground breaking! Let us help you build the relationship your dog needs!

Next-Door K9 takes pride in making your dog’s training our mission! Next-Door K9 Solutions was founded in order to promote well-rounded, balanced, and healthy dog training. At Next-Door K9 Solutions we train and board all dogs in our homes. Composing our daily routine around your dog's needs, we use our homes and communities to assist in your dog's training.

Meet Your Trainers!

Hannah, Trainer

Owner & Lead Trainer


Hi, I’m Hannah! I’ve spent my entire life knowing I’d work with animals! As a young child my mom studied and trained dolphins. I have vivid memories of watching in awe as she communicated with these magnificent, intelligent creatures through a combination of whistles and hand signals. She was my inspiration.

As an adult I’ve worked with dogs and other animals for the last 7+ years. I spent 3 years managing a dog daycare in Colorado, during which time I completed multiple courses in dog behavior and socialization. After rescuing my own dog and struggling with her then-severe reactivity issues I ended up being mentored and ultimately hired by a renowned CO dog trainer who changed my dog’s life and mine. Since moving back to the DMV area, I have managed dog daycares, worked at an animal shelter, fostered various species, and have trained dogs of all sizes and temperaments. There’s nothing I find more rewarding than helping a fearful dog learn to trust and gain confidence!

I currently live with my animal-loving fiancé, Matt and our small “zoo,” consisting of Ursa (dog mentioned above),  Pippin the Beauceron puppy, two cats, and three parrots. We are also expecting our first baby at the end of April 2023!

Operations Manager & Trainer


Hi, I’m Matt! (bio coming soon)



Hi, I’m Melissa! Dog training started out as a hobby I shared with my husband and has turned into a great unexpected career. Helping a client be able to enjoy walking their dog again, remove unwanted behaviors that allow a dog to remain in their current home or learn to relax is extremely rewarding. I am an AKC evaluator, AKC FitDog instructor, AKC Performance Farm Dog Judge, and a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. I am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge to provide the best service I can to my clients and their dogs. My professional background is in obedience training for puppies and adult dogs, as well as several behavioral issues including anxiety and reactivity. My personal dogs and I enjoy competing in dock diving, training for protection sports, scent work and I hope to add tracking and some AKC trails to our resume soon! I look forward to helping you and your dog work better, together! 



Hi, I’m Joanna! (bio coming soon)