It’s Our Mission!

Locally owned and Veteran founded, Next-Door K9 Solutions was founded on 3 basic principles. Following these steps with your dog can be ground breaking! Let us help you build the relationship your dog needs!

Next-Door K9 takes pride in making your dog’s training our mission! Next-Door K9 Solutions was founded in order to promote well-rounded, balanced, and healthy dog training. At Next-Door K9 Solutions we train and board all dogs in our homes. Composing our daily routine around your dog's needs, we use our homes and communities to assist in your dog's training.

Meet Your Trainers!

Hannah, Trainer

Owner & Lead Trainer


Hi, I’m Hannah! I’ve spent my entire life knowing I’d work with animals! As a young child my mom studied and trained dolphins. I have vivid memories of watching in awe as she communicated with these magnificent, intelligent creatures through a combination of whistles and hand signals. She was my inspiration.

As an adult I’ve worked with dogs and other animals for the last 9+ years. I spent 3 years managing a dog daycare in Colorado, during which time I completed multiple courses in dog behavior and socialization. After rescuing my own dog and struggling with her then-severe reactivity issues I ended up being mentored and ultimately hired by a renowned CO dog trainer who changed my dog’s life and mine. Since moving back to the DMV area, I have managed dog daycares, worked at an animal shelter, fostered various species, and have trained dogs of all sizes and temperaments. There’s nothing I find more rewarding than helping a fearful dog learn to trust and gain confidence! 

Dogs playing

Manager & Trainer


Hi, I’m Matt! (bio coming soon)

dog training lessons



Hi, I’m Shannon! I was exposed to the world of animal training through exotics. I also keep and breed parrots, and have spent many years studying their behavior in my free time and befriending and learning from behavioral consultants in the IAABC community. Parrots, and birds in general, have an intelligence that is hard to compare to other species in the animal world… besides great apes and humans. That ongoing experience combined with the knowledge of science based animal training is what has easily paved my way into dogs. I actually started completely force free, but have since become more open-minded on tool use and corrections for dogs. I still lean very heavily on modifying and teaching behaviors through force free methods as much as possible though. I am a big proponent of building engagement and training through play. ​

I spend my free time caring for all of my birds and training my personal dog, a Doberman named Judas. My goal with him is to compete in a protection sport called PSA and we regularly travel as much as 10 hours to train with some of the best in the business. Judas is very young, but we have already managed to obtain a few titles and are always working towards more.



Hi, I’m Shaun!

Hi! I’m Shaun Dull. I have always had a passion for animals and it has always been my goal to work with them. After spending many years in the marketing field and not so excited about where my career was headed, i got the chance to work in a training and barding facility working with dogs. I then knew where I was suppose to be. I now have over 5 years of experience working with all kinds of dogs from basic obedience to behavior modification. To be able to see these dogs and their owners grow together is one of the best experiences in the world. My wife Sara and I currently have 2 dogs; a 3 year old Siberian Husky named Sly and a 4 year old Pit mix named Diamond as well as a few reptiles. I live in a single family home with a fenced in backyard with plenty of space for your pup to run and play! I look forwards to working with you and your dog.