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Professional Dog Training in Durham, NC

Puppy Training, On Leash Training, Off Leash Training, Behavior Modification

Next-Door K9 Solutions is dedicated to solving your dog training needs! We appreciate your interest. As Durham’s best dog training company, we pride ourselves on providing the best care and training for your companion. We offer programs designed and tailored to your specific training needs. No matter the breed, size, or temperament of the dog, we can help you establish control, structure, and overall obedience with your dog.


We offer puppy training, on leash obedience, off leash obedience, reactivity training, and aggression rehabilitation. No matter the issue, we can help you and your dog reach the desired goal. We offer free consultations for every family and guarantee our staff can help guide you in the right direction! 


Contact us today for a free consultation and get your pup started on the right path. Feel free to reach out any time. You can contact us below or call/text our team at any time!

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  • Puppy Training– “To Get The Little One On Track”
  • On Leash Obedience– “For The Common Puller”
  • Off Leash Obedience– “Ultimate Freedom and Trust”
  • Reactivity Training– “For Sir Barks A Lot”
  • Aggression Rehabilitation– “For The Naughty One”


Next-Door K9 Solutions,

Durham's Premier Dog Training

Successful and accomplished dog trainers eager to help you and your dog get on the same page! We’ll guide you from start to finish, in order to help make your relationship stronger with your dog.





Next-Door K9 takes pride in making your dog’s training our mission! Next-Door K9 Solutions was founded in order to promote well-rounded, balanced, and healthy dog training. At Next-Door K9 Solutions we train and board all dogs according to their individual training concerns. Composing our daily routine around your dog’s needs. We use our communities to assist in your dog’s training. Developing and maintaining a clear system of communication with your dog is vital to understanding each other. With the help of our professional dog trainers, we’ll teach you and your dog how to communicate together, while also understanding the reasons behind each behavior exhibited. This will help build your relationship with your dog while maintaining a fair approach to every training scenario.

Dog Training Programs Designed For Every Dog!

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Professional Instruction

Our professional dog trainers have over 10 years of experience. We have trained dogs of all breeds and issues. We can help you build a healthy relationship with your dog.

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Training dogs near and far, and providing HIGH-QUALITY RESULTS to each family. No matter the issue, we treat each individual dog with their own training program.

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From puppies to the most aggressive dog cases, we put our experience to the test in order to provide a CLEAR SYSTEM OF COMMUNICATION with your dog!



NO DOG IS THE SAME and every dog learns differently. We strive to find and utilize what works best for your dog. All of our programs are designed for different types of dogs and cost effective for that individual dog type.

Next Door Dog Training


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Let us help you reach your dog training goals!

Board and Train

We'll do the work!

Board and Train

While your dog stays with our professional trainers, we will provide top of the line care and training, transforming your dog into the best dog they can be.
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Drop off, We train, Pick Up

Don't want to spend a night away from your furry companion?

Doggy Daycare Training

Let us spend the day with your dog and teach them daily lessons to be better at home. You'll see a gradual increase in their behavior as we continue training.
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Build the Foundation

A shorter program designed to build your dog's obedience piec by piece.

Short and Sweet

Split your dog's obedience training into weekly training. Start with a week of training and continue to build onto it as needed.
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Puppy Training

Puppy training programs designed to help your puppy get started with the basics.

The Basics

When dealing with puppies, it can be very frustrating. We designed this program to teach you and your puppy patience, how to work together, and the basics of obedience.
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On Leash Obedience

Teach your dog to obey every command on leash.

On Leash

This program is designed to help guide your dog to successful obedience on leash. Do you love taking your dog on a walk, but you're tired of the pulling?
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Off Leash Obedience

Complete freedom off leash!

No Leash, No Problem

Our off leash program, teaches your dog how to obey commands from a distance. With the push of a button, we can communicate with our dog and display reliable obedience!
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Reactivity Training

Turn the volume down for the excessive reactions!

Reactive to Calm

Reactivity can be tricky. If your dog is loud and reacting to it's environment, allow us to help turn them into a calm and collected dog!
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Aggression Rehab

Is your Dog human or dog aggressive?


Dealing with aggression can be extremely dangerous. Leave it to the experts and learn how to control and manage your dog's behavior.
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Build a Relationship

Understand Your Dog's Needs

Train for Proficiency

Next-Door K9 Solutions of the Carolinas


Durham Dog Training Programs

Our dog training programs are one of a kind. We customize all of our programs around the individual dog enrolled in them. We don’t have one style of training, this helps us diversify how we train each and every dog, depending on their learning style and specific behavior problems. When approaching dog training we keep an open mind, check our personal lives at the door, and put the dog first!

Behavior modification is our bread and butter! No dog is too scary or too bad. We love dealing with the worst cases around, that nobody else wants to touch. We believe we can handle, teach, and help each dog get on a better training plan through consistent and productive training sessions. With behavior modification cases, whether aggression, reactivity, or simple things like jumping; the owner plays a huge role in continuing the extinction of these behaviors. It’s vital that we don’t continue to allow the dog to exhibit these behaviors and correct them as soon as possible. Timing is everything!


Top Dog Trainers in Next Door K9 Solutions


Zack Barkley

Hi, I’m Zack! I am the founder of Next-Door K9 Solutions and owner of Next-Door K9 Solutions of the Carolinas. I’ve been training dogs for approximately 10 years and have been involved in various capacities of dog training. I started my journey as a handler in the United States Marine Corps, where I handled and trained various types of dogs. Upon completion, of my contract I began my training career outside of the military. I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of, what I consider, the best in the industry.  I have been involved in the training of Military, Law Enforcement, Special Operations, Sport, and pet dogs across the country. Next-Door K9 Solutions was founded to help build confidence in each dog and owner and maintain a successful integration into each dog owners home. We continue to carry our principles into every dog’s training regime in order to effectively reach this goal. We look forward to working with you and helping you establish the connection you need with your dog.

Dog Training professionals

Administrative Manager/Photographer

Hailey LeMaire

Hi, I’m Hailey! I handle all photography and the core administration for the company. I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember. I enjoy spending time with my dog, Klaus, and capturing photos of any and all animals. I was born and raised in North Carolina and have lived here for majority of my life. We look forward to helping you and your dog!

Team Member

Lead Manager-Trainer

Olivia Koogler

Hi I’m Olivia! Ever since I could remember I have had a love for animals. I began working at a daycare and as a kennel tech in 2009, and have been working with dogs ever since! I managed a few kennels as well as worked at a veterinary hospital. I worked as a trainer in Raleigh for 7 years and am always looking to expand my knowledge with the dog training world and strengthen my skills, which is what lead me to Next door K9 Solutions! I love helping clients have a better relationship with their dogs. I have three personal dogs, Talulah (mutt), Morty (black lab, German Shepherd mix) and Rigatoni (Dutch Shepherd).


Dog Training

Tired Of Your Dog’s
Unwanted, Reactive, or Aggressive Behavior?

Our dog training professionals are dedicated to the overall success of you and your dog. Providing board and train, puppy training, adult training, off-leash training, and more! Next-Door K9 Solutions is a locally, Veteran owned/operated, professional dog training company. We offer board and train programs that are tailored to the individual dog. Located in Raleigh, we offer services in Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Greenville, Wilmington, Charlotte, and the surrounding areas. We can train any dog, any age, any breed, any behavior. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Puppy Training

Obedience – Manners- Behavior Modification – Potty Training

On Leash Program

On Leash Obedience – Behavior Modification – Public Training

Off Leash Program

Off Leash Obedience – Behavior Modification – Public Training

Reactive Training

Obedience – Reactivity Focus

Aggression Rehab

Obedience – Aggression Rehab


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We’re Here To Help!

Next-Door K9 Solutions is a locally, Veteran owned/operated, professional dog training company. We offer board and train programs that are tailored to the individual dog. We can train any dog, any age, any breed, any behavior. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Offering Dog Training Services In RALEIGH, DURHAM, FAYETTEVILLE, CHARLOTTE and The Surrounding Areas


Puppy Training

Doggy Day Care Training

Our day training program is designed to mock our board and train program without your dog staying overnight with us. Your dog would stay with us throughout your workday and learn new skills to be a better companion. We offer multiple packages and accept any dog in this program.

Next Door Dog Training

Puppy Training

During our puppy training programs we begin teaching your dog the basics of obedience while encouraging socialization, positive behavior, and potty training. We offer a 2 and 3 week program, with the 3 week program including public outings and socialization.

Dog lessons

Mature Dog Foundation Training

This program is a 1 week long program designed to break up longer programs in order to gradually accomplish larger training goals. In the first week we will teach you and your dog the basics of how to communicate and set you up for follow on training.

Dog walking

On Leash Training

Our on leash program is designed to give the owner the most control of their dog while on walks, in public venues, and at home. This is a 2 week program in which your dog would stay with our professional trainers and receive high quality care and training.

Dog Waiting

Off Leash Training

Do you want your dog to have complete freedom and focus on task at the push of a button? If so, then this is the progra for you and your dog. This program is 3 weeks long in which we teach all of the basics on leash and off leash, while also proofing obedience in public venues for complete control.

Train your dogs

Reactivity Training

Reactivity can quickly escalate into aggression or higher forms of reactivity. We address this slowly through training and consistent communication. This program is 4 weeks long in which we will teach on and off leash obedience (only for in the home) and correct any unwanted behaviors deriving from reactivity.

aggressive dog training behavior modification

Aggression Rehabilitation

Aggression should be left to the professionals. When a dog is in a state of aggression, the dog no longer sees you as their owner or provider, they’re only focused on the prominent issue at hand. Our aggression rehab program will teach your dog how to control these impulses and make the right decions. We’ll also teach you how to continue managing this behavior for long term efficiency. This is at minimum a 4 week program and can extend as long as the dog needs. Aggression cannot be cured, and proper management is the only long term solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!…… But, not how you’d expect. Training is a continuous cycle in a dog’s life. In the beginning, we don’t necessarily want to do 10 sessions, at 20 minutes a piece in a day. Like humans, when learning a new task we want to keep training very short, fun, and with a little time between sessions for rest, recovery, and retention. This will increase interest and help your dog look forward to what’s to come next. We do this by breaking these large goals into smaller tasks and asking for more each session. As the dog progresses, we will gradually decrease the number of sessions and increase the amount of time allotted for each session. This will help the dog to extend its’ focus and attention on the task at hand while also being rewarded more frequently. As the dog becomes more proficient, we will maintain this momentum while decreasing the amount of rewards until eventually the dog is completing all tasks for a JACKPOT at the end of the session. After our training program is complete, every day will present itself with a training opportunity. At this point we aren’t using these small sessions because our dog should already know what’s being asked of him/her. Instead, we are performing longer tasks and communicating with the dog when they are doing right and wrong. This will help reinforce what the dog has learned and continue the learning cycle, which can rollover into other parts of training where tasks may present themselves as being a little more difficult. Training doesn’t have to be a designated time or place, with dog’s training is constant and starts the moment you wake up.

When it comes to training tools, we don’t have our mind set on using any specific tools. We do have tools that are specific to some of our programs, BUT you are never forced to use these tools, which is why we have other programs designed for that reason. Before we even think of using training tools we stop to evaluate and learn more about your dog. We do this so that we can accurately gain insight on some of your dog’s good and bad behaviors, unwanted behaviors, personality, and reactions to their environment. When approaching the conversation of using tools, it can be very skeptical through some of the horror stories you hear about or how you’re misled through online readings. We completely understand, but what everybody must understand, is that we can’t hold the tool responsible. The power of the tool is dictated by the individual controlling said tool. We utilize several different tools throughout training. After we assess your dog, we begin by utilizing food to lure and shape behaviors. There are times that we utilize tools such as clickers for marking behavior, heeling sticks to communicate through touch, and so on. As the dog progresses, we start by utilizing a slip lead in order to maintain control and assess how the dog reacts to pressure on its’ own. Throughout this training process, we may switch tools several times, depending on what is happening with the individual dog in front of us. We also utilize prong collars and e-collars. These two tools are some of the most skeptical tools we see among clients. This is due to a lack of education or previous negative experiences. With any tool, our goal is not to force the dog into a position through compulsion, but instead, to teach a clear system of communication through repeated exercises and the pairing of two objects. In a dog’s world, pressure is encountered almost immediately after being born. Dog’s learn how to fight, give in, and overcome this pressure through trial and error. There are also several different types of pressure in which a dog can perceive, it’s up to us to be aware, and help the dog to overcome that pressure. While using training tools, we strive to use the lowest level possible of pressure in order to communicate with the dog, rather than harm the dog. We’re looking to utilize small taps of tactile communication versus large pulls or yanks. When you encounter a trainer utilizing these techniques, most times it comes from frustration and allowing personal feelings to become involved. This is why we check ourselves at the door before beginning any training!

Depending on the program and options you choose, your dog will either stay in our facility or at a trainer’s home. No matter the choice, we pride ourselves in staying vigilant in your dog’s care and training. We do use containment during training in order to prevent any mishaps and ensure the safety of all dogs. Our containment consists of either a crate large enough for your dog or a 5 ft x 5 ft kennel. Within our kennels we provide each dog with their own water and food bowls, orthopedic dog beds, kennel markers, and any other necessary items. If provided, your dog may have toys, blankets and other items, but for safety measures, if they begin to tear it up or we believe it to be a hazard we will take it out. Within our facility we have over 20 cameras covering every angle of the facility so that we can maintain constant watch over your dogs. Staff are on premises from 5AM until after 10PM, then watched on camera throughout the night. Throughout their stay with us, dogs are taken out several times for training, potty breaks, exercise, play, and socialization. We strive to consistently improve and make our facility better so that your dog gets everything they need. The facility is cleaned over 3 times per day, with a very in detail deep clean on Sunday’s. 

Throughout training all dogs are around each other in some shape or form. We constantly conduct temperament tests in order to ensure certain dogs aren’t in direct contact with other dogs , while allowing others to play. Even our aggressive case dogs come within a short distance of other dogs, as we must proof obedience and behaviors for every case. While this is true, we are professionals and take every safety precaution and training measure possible in order to prevent mishaps. Puppies and other young small dogs also get chances to run and play with each other, giving them the most positive experience they can have. 

We are considered balanced trainers. What does this mean? Glad you asked! As balanced trainers, we pride ourselves in practicing well-rounded and healthy dog training. In operant conditioning, there are 4 quadrants of conditioning (Positive Reinforcement, Positive Punishment, Negative Reinforcement, Negative Punishment). Within balanced training, instead of limiting ourselves to one quadrant, we utilize each, hopping in and out of each style during a single dog’s training regime. Why balanced training? Through balanced training we can utilize many different measures to reward or correct behavior. This doesn’t always mean it’s a positive or negative thing happening, nor does it mean that it’s in a positive or negative manner. We are simply doing different things based on the given behavior or response of a dog in order to create a positive outcome. With balanced training we can look at ALL types and aspects of dog training and pull away what we want to use or get rid of in regards to training techniques, cues, or other important factors to benefit our end goal in training.

YES! We will absolutely train any and every dog that qualifies medically for our programs, BUT the owners play a huge roll in this decision too. We want to work with the owners that are dedicated to their dog and intend on keeping up the training. We completely understand that things happen and that it can be a lot to take in., but the last thing we want to do is help people with ill intentions for the dogs we care about or that don’t intend on keeping up the training. We as humans play a vital role in our dog’s lives as they depend on us and look to us for guidance. We do train everything from puppies to the most aggressive cases and have ONLY turned away dog’s that medically are unable to attend our training programs. Again, this is due to the safety and well-being of every dog in our care. We ensure all dogs are up to date on shots, have a clean fecal, and no extensive skeletal issues. We have trained dogs that are prone to certain health concerns as well as dogs that have shown up with red flags, such as hip dysplasia, BUT we are constantly maintaining eyes on and conducting health checks to ensure these dogs don’t have any further issues. If we ever notice a health concern, we will ALWAYS contact the owner right away!

ABSOLUTELY……NOT! Many people have gained a perception that training their dog will lead their dog to act like a robot, but this simply isn’t the case. Dog’s are what we call, opportunists, and they learn when they can capitalize on certain behaviors in order to receive the most valuable reward possible. As we train any dog, they learn that certain behaviors “pay” more than others, this can give off the impression of acting like a robot, but in the dog’s mind they are simply looking for some sort of reward or form of payment. Throughout our training program, we also allow and teach the dog’s what it means to be “FREE.” When given this command the dog learns it no longer has to abide by the rules of obedience and can either come to us for payment or do whatever it wants within the boundaries of good behavior. Some dogs will even choose to maintain their current position in hopes of being rewarded later. Dog’s are incredibly intelligent animals and continue to impress us every day!

Through our years of experience we have tried multiple programs and we’ve seen first hand the results that come from every program. Whether it was through another company or our own, it was evident that the board and train program produced the most desirable results than any other. We understand that it costs a little more than other programs, but when comparing results, the board and train is unmatched! With a board and train, we are allowed to control every aspect of training and maintain consistency in the dog’s regime. This plays a vital role in the results aspect. We can pour hours of time and energy into your dog without losing a beat. We do offer a Day-Training program as well. With this program, you would pick up and drop off your dog daily for training and we’ll update you weekly to maintain training over the weekend. This program also offers desirable results as it’s very similar in regards to the board and train. We would much rather do all of the heavy lifting while allowing you to learn what we’ve taught your dog.

During our training programs, every dog is taken out multiple times throughout the day. This includes multiple training sessions, potty breaks, exercise, and play time. They are also encountering multiple different people throughout their stay. Even though we assign one trainer to an individual dog, the other trainers and staff are in and out with your dog for everything else besides training. The number of times your dog is out really depends on the program and what stage their in. During the beginning of training we take them out a lot more for shorter amounts of time, while at the end of training they are taken out less times, but in longer periods. We strive to have every dog out as often as possible. We also deal with cases of separation anxiety, fear, and other behavioral problems. With these behavior problems comes extra stressors and things such as licking, biting, or whining. If we notice that a dog needs extra attention, we’ll be sure that dog is taken out more often to relax their mind.

We understand that your dog is a member of your family. We intend on treating them the same way. For some owners, this can be very emotional and others depend on their dog more than they know. During your dog’s stay your trainer will be in constant contact with you. We try to post and send you updates at least once a day. As one can imagine, we want to focus on giving your dog the best experience and training possible, so the dog ALWAYS comes first. If at any time you want to reach out to your trainer via call or text message, you’re able to. We just ask that you keep in mind that your trainer is focused on your dog and giving them what they deserve. They may not get back to you immediately, but we make sure they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We provide text message updates, phone calls, picture, and video updates. We want you to watch your dog continue to improve and track their progress for as long as you can. This is an amazing experience and we intend on keeping you in the loop as much as possible.