It’s Our Mission!

Locally and Veteran owned, Next-Door K9 Solutions was founded on 3 basic principles. Following these steps with your dog can be ground breaking! Let us help you build the relationship your dog needs!

Next-Door K9 takes pride in making your dog’s training our mission! Next-Door K9 Solutions was founded in order to promote well-rounded, balanced, and healthy dog training. At Next-Door K9 Solutions we train and board all dogs in our homes. Composing our daily routine around your dog's needs, we use our homes and communities to assist in your dog's training.

Meet The Owner

Stephen Abernathy

Hi! I’m Stephen. After serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, I spent 10 years in law enforcement. I held many positions such as medic and SRT member, but found my passion as a K9 handler. I became fascinated by the training process with my drug-detection dog. I started training obedience and, in 2022, started training for Next-Door K9 Solutions of the Carolinas. I began to specialize in behavior modification and aggression & reactivity management. I quickly found these cases to be extremely fulfilling. I began managing the Sanford, NC training facility and the trainers throughout the state of North Carolina. In February 2023, I opened Next-Door K9 Solutions of the Triad, which serves the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, and surrounding areas.

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