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Our puppy programs lay the foundation of basic obedience training. In this program, your puppy will learn basic commands such as come, sit, down, place, and walking on a leash without pulling. We train your puppy in our homes, neighborhoods, and in public. As we work on basic obedience, we also work on potty training, socialization, and proper etiquette.

It’s Important.

Puppy training is essential to the growth and development for all puppies. As any training, puppy training must be kept up as they grow older, this helps guide your puppy into adulthood as a well mannered pup!


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When Should You Start?

ASAP— It’s always best to start your pup off with training as soon as possible. We require your puppy to be at least 12 weeks old and up to date on all vaccinations in order to start training.

Which Program Should I Enroll My Puppy In?

The choice is yours! Both of our programs are great for starting your puppy out on the right track.

  • Our 2 week board and train is tailored to meet your needs for around the house and in the neighborhood. This program is great for the puppy that will be taking many walks in the neighborhood.
  • Our 3 week board and train is tailored to make the best overall puppy in any environment. This includes an extra week of training and maximum exposure to public places such as parks, stores, etc. 

2 Week Puppy Board and Train

Start With the Basics!
$ 1400
  • Pick Up
  • Drop Off
  • On Leash Obedience
  • Potty Training (Not Guaranteed)
  • Minor Behavior Modification
  • In Home Lesson

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