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Don’t leave the safety of your family to chance. Invest in a fully trained protection dog from Next-Door K9 Protection Dogs today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re always protected.

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We’re committed to providing you and your family with a dependable, family companion, that will provide you with a safer and more secure lifestyle.

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Why Next-Door K9?

At Next-Door K9 we care about the needs of our clients. Our Protection Dog Trainers are composed of active duty veterans and law enforcement officers. We know exactly what it takes to feel safe and secure. Our Protection Dog Trainers have years of training experience under their belt and have trained thousands of dogs for many of the same scenarios you worry about. We’ve trained dogs in operational capacities for law enforcement, military, special operations, and private sectors. We’ve devoted our lives to helping you build and establish a sense of security within your home and daily activities by providing you with a highly trained, intelligent, and capable protection dog.

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Successful and accomplished dog trainers eager to help you and your family gain the family protector you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often, your household’s greatest defense is a highly trained and keenly alert canine. In fact, 65% of convicted crooks affirm that a large, intimidating dog would have scared them away. In most cases, dogs act as a deterrent, but through training, we can equip them with the confidence and capability to engage.

In addition to protecting you, a personal protection dog will also protect your family and be an integral part of your life. Therefore, the dog must be highly trained in basic obedience and be a pleasure to be around and have in your home. Our dogs are house trained, are calm when you want them to be and playful when you want to play with them. They protect the things you can’t replace, you and your family. They are friendly, well behaved dogs that are fun to be around. They adapt to your individual lifestyle and become part of your pack with you as the pack leader. We often refer to our dogs interchangeably as personal protection dogs and family protection dogs. While some dogs can be trained to only protect one person, our mission is to raise and train family protection dogs that fit in perfectly with your lifestyle and your family’s lifestyle.

A personal and family protection dog should be an asset to you, your family and your lifestyle. We hand select and train only the best dogs from several different breeds,  so that we can match the best dog with you.

We spend three days with you in your home delivering your personal protection dog so that you have the best training and bonding experience available in our industry. Our professional and experienced trainers will show you exactly what you need to know and do in order to start off right with your dog and develop a long-lasting great relationship together. They will leave you with instructions for what to expect and what to do when they’re gone so you know what you’re doing. We are also available for follow-up calls and are happy to assist you with your needs.

Absolutely. As we service all of the U.S., we do offer follow up or follow on training. Reaching out to us is always the first step, if you have questions or need other advice we’re always here to help.

A lifetime! Your dog will constantly be adapting and evolving to your families needs and lifestyle. You have to keep up and maintain training at all times in order for a protection dog to continue thriving at their purpose. We spend months and sometimes over a year training and developing protection dogs for the right family. The process is never one size fits all and changes depending upon the training needed and the individual dog.