About the Trainers

Applying Experience and Practicality

At Next-Door K9 Protection Dogs, we take our dogs and the services we provide extremely serious. Each of our trainers come from either a Military K9 or Law Enforcement K9 background. Why does this matter? Glad you asked! When preparing dogs for realistic protection scenarios and capabilities, why not trust those that have seen these scenarios and dealt with it first hand in a real-life situation. These experiences help us to tailor and provide the most advantageous protection dog for your individual situation.

Our Trainers

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Zack Barkley

Owner/Founder/Lead Trainer/Instructor

Zack is the founder of Next-Door K9 Solutions. Zack has been training dogs for approximately 10 years and has been involved in various capacities of dog training. Zack started his journey as a K9 handler in the United States Marine Corps, where he handled and trained various types of dogs. Upon completion, of his contract he began his training career outside of the military. Zack has had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of, what he considers, the best in the industry.  Zack has been involved in the training of Military, Law Enforcement, Special Operations, Sport, and pet dogs across the country.

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Justin Rigney

Lead Trainer/Instructor

Justin has over 25 years of professional dog training experience and was a Law Enforcement Officer for 17 years. He spent 10 years as a K-9 handler and trainer. His unique background and experience in civilian dog training and as Police service dog training sets him a part from other trainers in his field. Justin continues to travel all over the country to help other dog trainers expand their knowledge on dog training. Justin is a highly sought after trainer and brings an immense amount of knowledge to the team.