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The Perfect House Dog Program

Our perfect House Dog program is designed to help make your dream dog! With this program your dog will come to a full understanding on 

  • How to properly behave at home with guests over.
  • Walk On leash and Off-Leash
  • Public Obedience
  • Learn how to be alone and trusted in the home 

                                                 And More!


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With these programs your dog is exposed to many different scenarios and training environments. We teach on and off leash obedience, basic manners, behavior modification, and address all other possible issues you may run into down the road.

Your dog will stay with our professional trainers, conduct training throughout the day, and we’ll update you through the entire program. In these programs your dog will learn the commands sit, down, come, place, and heel; on leash, off leash, at home, and in public environments. Throughout these programs we will teach your dog a solid communication system. They will learn exactly what we’re asking of them and continue this training with you at home.

Which Program Should I enroll My Dog In?

All of our programs are great for getting your dog on the right track!

  • The 3 week on/off leash board and train is tailored to the dog and owner that wants to experience freedom off leash around the house or in public. In this program your dog learns on and off leash obedience around distractions and other places you may visit daily.

Lifetime Trainer Assistance.

These programs are covered by our lifetime trainer assistance. The lifetime trainer assistance covers your dog’s training for the remainder of his/her life. If your dog starts regressing, having issues, or you just simply don’t know what do anymore, you can always contact us and we’ll come out to help. This assistance is only void if you aren’t continuing your training at home as we discuss and reaching out when you need help.

3 Week On and Off Leash

Gain Off-Leash Control and watch your dog transform into the perfect house dog!
$ 3000
  • Pick Up
  • Drop Off
  • On Leash Obedience
  • Off Leash Obedience
  • Home Behavior Improvement
  • Three in Home Lessons
  • Lifetime Trainer Support

Feel free to contact us regarding your dog’s training. We’ll help guide you through the process and explain everything in detail. Call today for a free consultation!