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What is a service Dog?

 A service animal is specifically trained to provide assistance or support to individuals with medical conditions, in contrast to emotional support animals. These animals are safeguarded by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

What to expect after Training?

Next-Door K9 Solutions of Clarksville offers an innovative approach to Service Dog Training. Our program focuses on equipping your dog with the skills to perform Life Altering Tasks, including seizure detection, Brace Mobility, PTSD attacks, Retrieval, and Anxiety support. Through our training, your service dog will not only learn to lead during challenging situations but also take charge like a skilled general. After completing our comprehensive training, your dog will possess the ability to blend seamlessly into public spaces with their impeccable obedience allowing you to bring them along wherever you go.

What does the Training Process look like?

The training program for your dog is designed to ensure they reach the highest level of companionship. It begins with a comprehensive Four-Week Boarding program that focuses on various aspects such as Home Behavior, Obedience, Confidence building, and socializing. This initial phase is crucial in laying the foundation for your dog’s development and preparing them to become a well-rounded and obedient Service Dog.

Following the completion of the Four-Week Boarding program, your dog will be reunited with you, their owner, to continue the training and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. During this period, the head trainer, Alex, will provide guidance and support to help you maintain the training and further enhance your relationship with your dog. Additionally, Alex will be available for coaching sessions for a few weeks or even months to ensure that the training is consistent and effective. The final stage of the training program involves a Three-Week Boarding segment that focuses on teaching your dog Medical Tasks to assist you as a pet parent. This segment aims to equip your dog with essential skills that can be beneficial in various situations and enhance their role as a loyal and helpful companion.

Service Dog Training

Financing Available
$ 9200
  • Service Dog Task Training
  • Service Dog Obedience